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Take the Next Step as a Scrum Master and Leader

The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training will get you ready to use Scrum. It's an intensive two-days that will teach you everything you need to know about Scrum and will allow you to start making a different in the lives of your teammates. But, after you've been a ScrumMaster for a year or so, you're READY to take the next step. You're ready to go from someone who knows Scrum to someone who knows teams. More than that, someone who knows how to help the typical team become an AMAZING TEAM.

Artisan Agiilty's Advanced Certified ScrumMaster course materials were called “the most comprehensive student materials” that the Scrum Alliance had ever seen! Artisan’s approach in creating the materials was to leave the CSM class FAR behind in content and value and create something much more extensive. 

Given our success with the course materials, we’ve decided to take our experience with the classroom A-CSM and create an “OnDemand” offering. This offering includes:

  • All of the same self-study provided in the classroom experience.
    Video lectures to take the place of the classroom time.
  • All of the same information as required by the Scrum Alliance's Learning Objectives for the Advanced CSM Certification.
  • “Homework” assignments that you take to work and implement, gauging your success, improving your teams, and learning as you go.
  • Regular LIVE Q&A sessions with a qualified instructor in a remote classroom setting. 

This is the most powerful approach to advanced learning. You take as much time as you need to get it done (up to one year), you get to practice what you’re learning, and you get access to our instructors (both in live sessions and via appointments when needed) to clarify questions and improve your understanding.

When all of the assignments are completed, you’ve done it! The certification is awarded.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at training@artisanagility.com

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Scrolling through the content of the Artisan OnDemand ACSM

Check out the content included in the Artisan OnDemand Advanced CSM Program. From scaling to servant leadership, this program contains everything you need to know to take your ScrumMaster skills to the next level!

Accessing the Artisan Academy and the A-CSM Course Materials