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Agile Leadership - Leading Teams

The Leading Teams workshop is a one-day workshop designed for leadership teams to improve the student's understanding of what agile leadership is all about, what makes it different than leadership in the 20th century, and why it's so important to be an agile leader today. The learning objectives for the workshop include:

  • Identify and discuss the how organizations have changed between the 20th and 21st centuries and how those changes have impacted leadership in the organization.
  • Discuss and explain two rules of agile leadership.
  • Discuss and explain the five levels of leadership and how it relates to the leadership of agile teams.
  • Compare and contrast coaching teams as opposed to guiding teams.
  • Discuss the meaning and importance of having engaged, enabled, and energized employees.
  • Describe the four keys for creating engaged, enabled, and energized employees.
  • Explain the importance of connecting the employee and the team to the customer and how to create the connection.
  • Explain the importance of communication with employees and how to ensure that the communication is impactful.
  • Explain the importance of culture on the success of leadership.
  • Discuss and fully describe the four critical behaviors for establishing a positive, agile culture in the organization.
  • Explain the importance of learning in an agile organization.
  • Describe how to create and use a training program that is effective and has a good return on investment.
  • Explain the importance of recognition in an agile organization.
  • Describe how to create and use a recognition system that helps to improve the organizational culture and improve employee loyalty.

The workshop is designed to be interactive, getting the students involved in role playing, team activities, and designing a list of next steps to be executed after the workshop to keep the skills learned in active use and to leverage those skills to make a real difference in the organization.

Currently the Leading Teams workshop is only offered by request as a private workshop. We will be adding it to the Artisan Academy by May 31, 2020.

Current Offerings

As of March 1, 2020 the Leading Teams course is only offered privately to leadership teams upon request (let us know at if you would like us to come to you to provide this workshop). The course will also appear online in the Artisan Academy by May 31, 2020