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Hiring professionals into the organizations continues to be one of the hardest management tasks that you and your executives will have to perform. Artisan can take some of that work off your plate by providing ScrumMasters that are certified and qualified to bring the best out of your teams. 

And that's not the end of it. We ensure that your Artisan-provided ScrumMaster is always learning by providing ongoing training to them at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. On a regular basis, but sensitive to your production schedule, we will continue to improve your ScrumMasters skills through new training or even refresh training.

In addition, Artisan holds bi-weekly updates with your Artisan ScrumMaster to share what's been learned over the past two weeks. In these discussions, Artisan ScrumMasters learn from each other across multiple organizations and industries. 

Our staffing guarantee also includes immediate access to highly experienced coaches. If your Artisan ScrumMaster is experiencing a problem with a team or just wants to find a way to help improve a team's effectiveness in a specific situation, they can call upon an experienced coach for assistance.

BONUS: On a regular basis (usually once a quarter), you'll be visited by an experienced Artisan coach who will assess the performance of your Artisan ScrumMaster and provide feedback and suggestions on how to make your organization more Agile and more effective.


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