Transform Your World with a CSPO from Artisan Agility

Your time is being wasted in useless meetings, building the wrong product, trying to do too much at the same time, and dealing with it all with the wrong skills. Well, all that ends right now, right here, with Artisan Agility’s Certified Scrum Product Owner training.

Are you ready to start building products that REALLY make a difference?

Imagine building a product that your customers can’t stop raving about. How about finishing a product early or even having the time to add some cool new features because all of the “must have” work was finished on time? Consider what would happen if you became known in your company as the person that can be counted on to get VALUABLE products out to the market on time…every time. With a CSPO from Artisan Agility, you will learn valuable Agile product management skills that will enable you to:

  • understand and explain what agility is and how its different from Scrum
  • work with multiple teams simultaneously without being overwhelmed
  • keep your teams focused on generating business value
  • build products that will have your customers asking you how you did it
  • easily build and maintain a lean product backlog
  • and so much more!

“I had the pleasure of attending a 2-day seminar on Agile and it was fantastic. If you are looking to improve your understanding of Agile from someone who has done it (not just someone who read it) for years, Artisan is the one. I have attended many other seminars but none as plain and simple. Most coaches add an unnatural aura to Agile as if it were some mystic and ancient magic. Artisan presents these concepts in a dispassionate yet highly precise manner.”

Bhagavan Jalli, Innominds

“Jim Schiel was the best instructor that I have experienced…EVER! Even in a fully online course, Jim was 1000% engaging, spending the majority of the course with the presentation minimized and talking to us face-to-face. His presence and experience are unparalleled…”

Nick Ryan

“I highly recommend any class taught by Jim; he is a dynamic, personable, and energetic trainer. The depth of his knowledge and personal career experiences are inter-woven into the curriculum bringing it alive, which gets the class fully engaged in their own learning.”

Kerry Andrew Huba