How Thinking of Agility as a Methodology Can Ruin Your Job

How Thinking of Agility as a Methodology Can Ruin Your Job

About Jim Schiel

Jim is an accomplished author and former manager at Siemens Medical Solutions. Jim's career highlights include managing various development teams ranging in size from 5 to 155 developers, instituting iterative project management processes, and improving product quality, development performance, and customer satisfaction. He's been coached by many thought leaders in the Agile space, including Bob Martin, Jim Grenning, Mike Cohn, Ken Schwaber, and Esther Derby. He started Artisan Agility in 2009, and is the author of "Enterprise Scale Agile Software Development" (published in 2009), and "The ScrumMaster Study Guide" (published in 2011).

Get Yourself a Coach!

Think about the times when you've felt completely lost at work. Maybe you're in a new role and don't know where to start. Maybe you're stuck on a project and can't seem to find a way out. Or maybe you're just feeling burnt out and need some motivation. In these moments, having a regular coach can make all the difference.

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How Regular Coaching Makes All the Difference

Artisan Agility's new service, "Ask Artisan Anything," is a game-changer for anyone who wants to improve their coaching skills. In two free one-hour sessions every month, you can get personalized help from an expert coach on anything from how to run your first Scrum event to dealing with difficult team dynamics. With regular coaching,

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Sprint Goals – How a Small Thing Makes a BIG Difference

Are you looking for ways to motivate your team and keep them on track? In this webinar recording, learn how setting sprint goals can help your team stay organized and focused on a project. Sprint goals are short-term objectives that teams set so they can achieve longer-term project goals. In this webinar recording we cover topics like strategies for choosing the right sprint goals and how to measure progress and stay on track. This recording will offer practical advice that you can apply directly to your own workplace.

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Are You Settling for Good Enough Agility?

In today's business world, the most successful organizations are those that have embraced agility. But what does it mean to be agile? And how can you ensure that your organization is truly agile? One of the key factors is coaching. The best agile organizations understand that coaching is essential to help their teams reach

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Sprint Goals: The Key to a Well-Executed Sprint

Sprint goals are key to a successful Sprint. They help keep the Scrum team on track and moving together in one direction. Without Sprint goals, the Scrum team can easily lose focus and get sidetracked. In this blog post, we'll discuss what sprint goals are and how they can help your Scrum team stay focused

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How Scrum Masters Can Make Team Values Real

The Scrum framework has five values: commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect -- but, like many organizational values, Scrum values are frequently written off as an interesting side note in the executive summary of Scrum, but are rarely understood or properly used. In my nearly 20 years of coaching teams and organizations, most failures

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