A “Reality Framework” for Metrics

Thanks to 20th century management theory, the world is filled with metrics and measures that are questionable. Many are useless. For example, a commonly used but effectively useless metric for knowledge creation workers (like those in IT, marketing, and other creative careers): utilization. Utilization is a metric that was meant to measure the percentage

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Three Important Lessons for the Entrepreneur

Let's be clear from the very beginning - starting a new business is scary. The unending lists of things you have to worry about - visioning, messaging, marketing, product and service development, infrastructure - even if you don't do it all yourself, it can be incredibly overwhelming! However, it's also amazingly liberating. Take it from

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Leaders, Are You Ready For the Post-COVID Exodus?

August 30, 2021 – Updated to include newer supporting information. Is this a Post-COVID exodus, or simply the continuation of a growing trend of people quitting their bosses? Check out the graph later in the story. Over the past 18 months, people everywhere have been shaken to their core. An

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Artisan News – April 2021

Included in this Newsletter: The New Certified Scrum Developer Program, Recovery from COVID-19, and a Return to In Person Training?

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