Best Practices

Best Practices

Sprint Goals: The Key to a Well-Executed Sprint

Sprint goals are key to a successful Sprint. They help keep the Scrum team on track and moving together in one direction. Without Sprint goals, the Scrum team can easily lose focus and get sidetracked. In this blog post, we'll discuss what sprint goals are and how they can help your Scrum team stay focused

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Women in Business – What Kind of Leader Are You?

When I first entered the workforce, there were not a lot of women in the technology field or the hard sciences, and our numbers in positions of Leadership were severely disproportionate to our male counterparts. In 40 years, a LOT has changed and sadly the types of women in Leadership positions haven’t changed that much.

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5 Ways to Address a Toxic Work Environment

So… you have found yourself in a toxic work environment. Now what do you do? You are NOT powerless. You do NOT have to accept bullying, harassment, or difficult working conditions. You have options. All too often people remain silent, keep their head down and do nothing, thinking they must hold their tongue to

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