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$1695 or 6 installments of $285
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Change Your World…Forever

Right now. You can learn the skills you need to transform yourself into a strong, effective leader. You could, in a few weeks, learn everything you need to

  • fully engage your employees
  • motivate and empower your employees
  • create an environment where people can debate and innovate without fear
  • provide what your employees want and need to be successful
  • reliably create high-powered, self-managing teams
  • enjoy amazing productivity, every single day!
  • create and communicate a vision of success – and achieve it!
  • create a flourishing, continuously improving culture

Our new program, The Leadership Edge, provides benefits from the very first lesson.

Are you ready to change your life, your career, and your world?

Are you ready to inspire the leader within you?

The World Changer Scholarship Fund

We are so certain you’ll see the value in this program – that it will CHANGE YOUR WORLD – that Artisan Agility and its CEO, Jim Schiel, have established a World Changer Scholarship Fund! Type in the code “WorldChanger” at checkout and we’ll apply $500 from the scholarship to your regular or group registration (funds are limited, please don’t wait until it’s too late). For US veterans and first responders – we’ll dip a little deeper into the scholarship for you, contact us for information.

Course Highlights

  • Delivered in our Live Online format, enabling real-time interaction with the instructor.
  • For the busy manager/executive, this course is self-paced. You can watch the videos and complete the work assignments on YOUR schedule.
  • You will learn how to inspire, motivate, and engage employees – and you’ll learn a lot about yourself too!
  • You’ll learn how to set up teams for success and 4x their outcomes!

Why Should You Attend The Leadership Edge?

What if you had the skills to be reliably and repeatedly create and lead amazing teams? What if managers in your company were coming to you to learn your secrets? What if employees were standing in line to work on one of your teams? What if you suddenly had the time to get done the things that needed to get done? What would it feel like if your teams knew their jobs, got it done, and it was, in large part, because of your guidance, coaching, and leadership?

Stop wondering what it would be like and start making it happen!

Great leaders aren’t born great – they are born eager. Eager to learn and master new skills, eager to help others be great. Special personality traits do not make you a leader – you do, by making the decision right now to enroll.

The answer is here in The Leadership Edge. Take the next step in your career. Go for it!!

The Leadership Edge Experience

In this self-paced program, Jim Schiel delivers more than three decades of management and leadership. In a delivery style that has been described as “highly precise,” “engaging,” “down to earth,” and “entertaining,” Jim will keep you engaged and focused, providing not just concepts and explanations, but real world examples to back up the materials.

Each of the twelve lessons is delivered in engaging videos, hosted by Jim, using a 400+ page student workbook (the workbook for each lesson can be downloaded and printed when you’re ready to begin the lesson).

You will also have access to The Leadership Edge Community, an exclusive forum where like-minded leaders and The Leadership Edge graduates can pose questions, celebrate achievements, and provide answers. Jim participates in the forum as well, answering questions and providing more learning opportunities.


As a participant in this course, you will learn:

  • Why leadership skills have changed since the 20th century and where they are going from here.
  • The incredible impact of employee disengagement and the steps you can take to correct it.
  • The 13 steps you should take to create a safe zone around your teams and your organization, making it safe for learning, debate, and innovation.
  • How to understand what your employees are feeling, why they feel that way, and what you can do about it.
  • How to control your own reactions to events as they occur, projecting a calm and focus to whom others will gravitate.
  • What it takes to build a highly-functioning, high performing, self-managing team.
  • What you need to do to connect work to values, values to mission, and mission to vision.
  • How to create a team that works hard because they really want to, not because you’re micromanaging them.
  • Creating, communicating, and leading with a compelling, emotional vision.
  • How to improve collaboration across teams and departments.
  • and so much more…!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ …The best instructor that I have experienced…EVER!

Even in a fully online course, Jim was 1000% engaging, spending the majority of the course with the presentation minimized and talking to us face-to-face. His presence and experience are unparalleled…

Nick Ryan

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I highly recommend any class taught by Jim!

Jim is a dynamic, personable, and energetic trainer. The depth of his knowledge and personal career experiences are inter-woven into the curriculum bringing it alive, which gets the class fully engaged in their own learning.

Kerry Andrew Huba