The Leadership Edge

The Leadership Edge


The world is changing fast and your leadership skills need to change with them. Join The Leadership Edge and take part in updating your skills, learning from your peers, and continually learning new leadership skills once you are finished with the course.

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The world is changing fast…and leadership skills need to change with it. Artisan Agility’s The Leadership Edge is a twelve module INTENSIVE journey into how to lead individuals, including topics on engagement, motivation, psychological safety, and providing feedback. Then we venture into personal productivity and leadership, continuous learning, and building teams. Finally, we explore the concepts of visionary leadership, servant leadership, synergistic leadership, and the use of ethical power by leaders.

Students in this course are continuously challenged with quizzes, homework, introspection, and practice. On completion of a lesson, the student is encouraged to take a two-week period during which assignments are completed and actions reviewed.

Students and alumni of The Leadership Edge are invited to take part in The Leadership Edge Community where we continue discussions, updates, and special topics.


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