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What’s the RIGHT Way to Use Metrics With a Scrum Team?

In my years working with teams, nothing I have ever encountered can be more demotivating, more demoralizing, or more USELESS than poorly considered metrics. There is a fundamental misunderstanding in the world today that metrics are an end in themselves. In other words, we create the metrics we believe make the most sense and

Agile Transformations – Is It All-Or-Nothing?

If you're thinking about transforming your organization to more of an agile mindset, your first question is going to invariably be "where do I start?" Should I pick a single team? A single project? Maybe we should just training everybody and go? These aren't easy questions to answer. Depending on the situation, the right

The ScrumMaster’s Call to Action

The 2020 Scrum Guide has thankfully put something in words that many of us in the industry have known for years: the Scrum Master is "accountable for the Scrum Team's effectiveness." As in, getting things done without unnecessary waste. But does that mean that the Scrum Master now has some kind of authority? Absolutely

3 Power Skills of Strong Leaders

On January 6, 2021, Artisan Agility hosted a webinar to discuss The Three Power Skills of Strong Leaders.  To learn more about Artisan's The Leadership Edge, you can also look here.

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