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who we are

Artisan Agility

Our company is a leader in shaping people and improving the overall health of workplaces around the world. 

We were born out of necessity. 

 After having worked for private companies over a combined 40 years, owners Jim and Donna Schiel experienced environments that were ineffective and toxic. Long hours, constantly shifting priorities, a lot happening, but little work done. As a result, the Schiel's saw many instances of worn-out, exhausted, frustrated people, overrun by their organization and beaten down by its demands. Artisan Software Consulting, LLC was created in 2009 and renamed Artisan Agility, in 2019.

Jim is an accomplished author and former manager at Siemens Medical Solutions. Here are a few career highlights:

  • managed various development teams ranging in size from 5 to 97 developers
  • instituted iterative project management processes and improved product quality, development performance, and customer satisfaction
  • coached by some thought leaders in the Agile space: Bob Martin, Jim Grenning, Mike Cohn, Ken Schwaber, and Esther Derby (to name a few)
  • authored Enterprise Scale Agile Software Development, published 2009  

                                  The ScrumMaster Study Guide, published 2011 

The Artisan approach is about being intentional and innovative in our training, coaching and staffing of the next generation of leaders. Our technologies, frameworks, and methodologies include: Lean Startup, Lean Development, Agile Development, Servant Leadership, and Business Agility. 

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