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Scrum for Support Teams


Scrum is the most used Agile framework, yet many still aren't quite sure how to make Scrum work best in a support environment. Let's dive into this topic!

Speeding up Your Scrum Teams


Effective Scrum use is more than Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, and so on. To see a big difference in your team's Sprints, make these workflow changes.

Self-Organizing Teams


When I teach or coach people about Scrum, we talk about self-organization, but the importance of self-organizational principles cannot be understated.

Amazing Stories


We'll teach you the skills you need to write user stories that will help your

What is Scrum?


The most popular Agile Development framework, Scrum, can be explained in many ways. If you're just trying to understand what Scrum is, this post is for you.

How to Never Issue a Command


Strong leaders don't need to issue COMMANDS - their teams just seem to know what to do without being told. Here's how to ABSOLUTELY make this happen for you.

The ScrumMaster’s Call to Action


A ScrumMaster is a coach and a mentor, an agent of change and a catalyst of momentum - a true leader. But have you taken your leadership skills to the edge?

What Causes Conflict on a Team?


Change usually creates conflict, but a good ScrumMaster knows what types of conflict to expect and is prepared to handle it with correct conflict responses.

Gearing a Team for Maximum Outcomes


Creating a maximum outcome team is every ScrumMaster’s goal, but you must first understand how great teams form and what YOU need to do to create a great team.

Simplify Your Work by Slicing


When slicing a backlog item, we're taking a complex problem and paring it down into smaller problems, which are easier to solve and build.

What Does it Mean to BE Agile?


With the Agility mindset, it's critical to understand the concept of "being" Agile. Some people want "to do Agile", but you don't DO Agile, you must BE Agile.



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