A common question in transformations to Agile is: do Scrum teams have to be dedicated to a single product?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single right answer for that one. However, there are situations when you want your team to be dedicated and there are situations when you don’t. Here’s a little bit about both:

My team should be dedicated to one or a couple products when…

  1. I don’t have enough people to create multiple teams,
  2. The products themselves don’t require a lot of work,
  3. ???

Keep in mind, even if a team is dedicated to multiple products, you can always reduce the context-switching costs by dedicating a Sprint to a specific, single product. The next Sprint works with a different product, and so on.

My team should be dedicated to a single product when…

  1. I need the team focused on the single product and can’t afford the context switching at all,
  2. There’s a lot of work to do and deadlines are very important,
  3. The learning curve to work on the product is excessive,
  4. ???



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