When a business begins the transformation to Agile Development, its really hard to understand exactly what skills the organization needs to adapt to the new way of working. Unfortunately, many businesses assume that they are ready to go once they incorporate a basic understanding of the Agile framework they want to use.

Then they quickly learn that isn’t the case.

Speak with any Agile coach and you’ll discover a litany of skills unusual to most IT organizations including servant leadership, coaching, facilitation, and negotiation skills in addition to the more expected programming and testing skills.

A transformation to Agile Development is going to require a list of new skills that you are not only going to have to acquire to get the transformation started, but you’re also going to have to figure out how to:

  1. Continue the skill growth after the initial “burst” of training.
  2. Train new employees that join the organization after the transformation has begun.
  3. Modify your hiring approach to zero in on candidates that possess the fundamental personality traits that make them easier to train.

So, what kind of skills are we talking about and where can you get them?



Product Ownership Overview

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