OK. Take a deep breath and enjoy it again, “You did it!”

You have a finished a rigorous course of study that has been focused on improving your ability not just to serve your team or even lead a team. This course of study was also focused on improving your ability to learn and maybe even light or rekindle a spark deep within you to continue to learn!

At this point, you have so many new skills that you can bring to your team. If you’ve been doing all the homework assignments, you’ve already brought a lot of these new skills to your team. How has your team ALREADY benefited from your new skills?

There’s so much more you can do. If you continue to practice and you continue to learn, just imagine all of the amazing things you will be able to do to support your teams and your organization with your abilities.

If you’re are going through this course for the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster certification, you will be contacted shortly to arrange a short discussion with Jim Schiel about your experience in the course and what, if any, questions you might have. Following that conversation, assuming that all requirements for the certification are completed, you will be awarded the Scrum Alliance A-CSM certification.

What we recommend next for you is that you don’t stop here. Now that you’ve learned a lot of really valuable skills, keep the learning going. Here are some of the amazing options available to you right now:

  • Expert ScrumMastering (available in 1Q21) – take the next step in learning about ScrumMastering AND earn your Scrum Alliance CSP-SM.
  • Amazing Stories – all about writing great user stories
  • The Leadership Edge (available December 2020) – learn what it takes to become a leader for the 21st century.

And, our BEST deal: a subscription to the Artisan Academy! In this subscription based training platform, you will see every training system we create, every update, everything!! Even some certifications can be earned for a small additional fee once you’ve completed the course and satisfied all certification requirements (there’s more information about this within each training system).

We hope you’ll keep coming back to Artisan for all of your agile learning needs.